Joco vs COVID-19

I’m sure you will all be aware of the latest updates from the Prime Minister regarding COVID-19, and the relevant instructions detailed by the Chief Medical Officer. This post details Joco’s approach and our plan to deal with and outlast the difficulties posed by the ongoing situation.

Firstly, what happens now?

We are extremely sorry to say that all Joco classes are now suspended for the time being. There is no avoiding the fact that our classes fall into the description of activities which the government have declared need to be suspended currently for the overall wellbeing of the community and nation as a whole. Any avoidance of this would be sidestepping our responsibilities at an extremely important time. Therefore, through these actions, we shall see out this relatively brief period maintaining the welfare of our students and every generation of their families as our number one priority.

Secondly, what happens during the suspension of classes?

Our suspension of classes will mean that you will all be owed for the classes missed at the end of the spring term. We are more than happy to knock these off the fees for when we start up again, or you are of course welcome to a refund – if you would prefer the refund please let me know and I will sort it immediately. No matter what you choose, your child(ren)’s place(s) in all their classes will be held and available for when classes recommence in due course.

We are also conscious that the lack of classes on the lead up to the Easter holidays will be a disappointment to the Joco students, especially in such confusing times, so we are currently concocting a number of ways in which Jo and the other teachers will remain a presence for them during the time off, and supply them with some dance based positivity! We will be posting videos etc online, so you will soon be subject to various dance themed content from Joco HQ! (Apologies in advance!) We will also be keeping in contact with social media as per usual with various bits and bobs.

Thirdly, what happens next?

As soon as we are able to recommence classes we shall do so – all students will have their places in their classes and all will be able to pick up where they left off. We shall be reviewing things on a weekly basis and hope to restart classes as early as possible next term depending on the advice at the time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we are extremely sorry for any upset caused – please trust that we have your and your families’ best interests as a priority over all else throughout our ongoing decision making processes.