Joco and the Squash Club

As you will all know, Joco Dance and Theatre Arts has enjoyed an excellent relationship with our main venue, Ashtead Squash and Tennis Club over a number of years. They have been extremely supportive and accommodating throughout - there are a few small areas, however, where we could do a bit more to ensure good relations for the years to come!

The Squash Club have a few very reasonable requests:

Firstly, when driving in to the car park - if people could make sure they follow the "one way" markings that would be wonderful.

Secondly, the bar opens at 5:30pm every day which overlaps slightly with some of our classes. Parents are welcome to wait in the bar area if they're enjoying a drink bought from the bar, but no children are allowed in the bar area after 5:30pm (apart from if they are making their way from the studio to the front door, or vice versa!). However, parents are more than welcome to wait just outside the studio door where there are a few chairs.

Thirdly, could everyone please ensure that they and their children are well behaved and respectful of the building and other members. (For example, no jumping on the sofas or inserting toys into the coffee machine - that goes for the children too!)

Thank you very much!